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Reinventing Healthcare by Katrin Kaeufer and Claus Otto Scharmer from MIT – 10/03/13

Reinventing the Health Care System from Within: The Case of a Regional Physician Network in Germany Katrin Kaeufer, Research Affiliate, MIT Sloan School of Management and Society for Organizational Learning Claus Otto Scharmer, Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management; Visiting Professor, Helsinki School of Economics

African Public Health Leadership and Systems Innovation Initiative

The Initiative applies a high-performance, business-consulting approach called the Innovation Lab. It invests in a strategic set of national health leaders including senior government officials, clinical technicians, community health providers and representatives from business and civil society. Health leadership cohorts are guided through an intensive two year process, involving leadership capacity building as well as the creation of innovation projects that address urgent health challenges.

Activities now underway in Namibia focus on two urgent needs. First, the Initiative is working to significantly improve the performance and capacity of the Namibian Ministry of Health’s senior-most leadership team. Second, it is catalyzing direction action on maternal health by capacitating health leaders to create and test innovation projects to address the issue.

Our vision is to replicate the Initiative’s approach across Africa and to make the curriculum and tools generated through the project globally accessible.

Synergos is joined in the Initiative by McKinsey & Company and the Presencing Institute.

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