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Teorie, Discipline, Metodologie, Frameworks e Tools dell'Apprendimento e della Leadership del XXI secolo per le Scuole del Futuro.

SoL Italy per la Scuola

SoL Italy per la scuola - Padronanza personale: cos’è? – 01/07/13

Inizia il percorso di scoperta delle cinque discipline. Luglio 2013 è il mese dedicato alla padronanza personale

SoL Italy per la scuola: Il piano degli argomenti – 27/06/13

Ultimo articolo di presentazione del progetto, descrive il piano degli argomenti che verranno trattati.

SoL Italy per la scuola: step e dettagli del progetto – 15/06/13

Step e dettagli del progetto SoL Italy per la scuola

Peter Senge - MIT Boston : Il Futuro dell'Educazione

L'impegno di Peter Senge negli ulimi anni si è sempre più spostato dal mondo delle imprese a quello della scuola, e prova di quasto è anche l'uscita del suo ultimo libro, nell'agosto 2012, School That Learn - second edition, 600 pagine di saggezza, casi pratici, framework ed esercizi per le scuole.

In connessione a quasto anche in SoL Italy abbiamo avviato lo sviluppo di importnati progetti rivolti alla scuola 

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Schools that Learn - Peter Senge and aavv

Schools That Learn (Updated and Revised in 2012): A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education - Peter M. Senge, Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Timothy Lucas, Bryan Smith, Janis Dutton

"A rich, much-needed remedy for the standardized institutions that comprise too much of our school system today… ideal for teachers and parents intent on resurrecting and fostering students' inherent drive to learn…An essential resource."  -Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND

“Schools that Learn is a magnificent, grand book that pays equal attention to the small and the big picture - and what's more integrates them. There is no book on education change that comes close to Senge et al's sweeping and detailed treatment. Classroom, school, community, systems, citizenry---it's all there. The core message is stirring: what if we viewed schools as a means of shifting society for the better!"  -Michael Fullan, author of Change Leader and Learning Places

A new edition of the groundbreaking book that brings organizational learning and systems thinking into classrooms and schools, showing how to keep our nation’s educational system competitive in today’s world.

Revised and updated - with more than 100 pages of new material – for the first time since its initial publication in 2000 comes a new edition of the seminal work acclaimed as one of the best books ever written about education and schools.

A unique collaboration between the celebrated management thinker and Fifth Discipline author Peter Senge and a team of renowned educators and organizational change leaders, Schools that Learn describes how schools can adapt, grow, and change in the face of the demands and challenges of our society, and provides tools, techniques and references for bringing those aspirations to life.

The new revised and updated edition offers practical advice for overcoming the many challenges that face our communities and educational systems today. It shows teachers, administrators, students, parents and community members how to successfully use principles of organizational learning, including systems thinking and shared vision, to address the challenges that face our nation's schools. In a fast-changing world where school populations are increasingly diverse, children live in ever-more-complex social and media environments, standardized tests are applied as overly simplistic "quick fixes," and advances in science and technology continue to accelerate, the pressures on our educational system are inescapable. Schools That Learn offers a much-needed way to open dialogue about these problems – and provides pragmatic opportunities to transform school systems into learning organizations.

Drawing on observations and advice from more than 70 writers and experts on schools and education, this book features:

-Methods for implementing organizational learning and explanations of why they work
-Compelling stories and anecdotes from the “field” - classrooms, schools, and communities
-Charts, tables and diagrams to illustrate systems thinking and other practices
-Guiding principles for how to apply innovative practices in all types of school systems
-Individual exercises useful for both teachers and students
-Team exercises to foster communication within the classroom, school, or community group
-New essays on topics like educating for sustainability, systems thinking in the classroom, and “the great game of high school.”
-New recommendations for related books, articles, videotapes and web sites
-And more

Schools That Learn is the essential guide for anyone who cares about the future of education and keeping our nation’s schools competitive in our fast-changing world.


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