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SoL global forum 2014

sede global forum parigi

lunedý 19 maggio 2014 – mercoledý 21 maggio 2014

L'appuntamento biennale del Global Forum della SOL quest'anno cade a Parigi e varrà aperto da Peter Senge e Arie de Geus, co-fondatori della SOL nel 1997, del MIT Center for Organizational Learning nel 1991, e del primo gruppo di lavoro presso il MIT sull'apprendimento organizzativo nel 1985.

E' un'occasione unica per immergersi nel mondo internazioanle della SOL, presso una delle storiche e più vibranti comunità SOL del mondo.


Paris – 19, 20, 21 MAY 2014

Whether big or small, organizations often struggle to keep pace with change. Time is no more to small adjustments and doing more and more of the same thing either. Time is to transformation, to metamorphosis.

What should we do?
Which are the key challenges?
What are the true questions?

Change agent, leader of your organization, your association, your company, you seek innovation and inspiration.

Just starting or fully engaged, you wish to share, understand and learn in order to move forward, faster and better.

This is the challenge of the SOL Global Forum, a learning journey which begins today, will culminate on the 19-20 and 21 May 2014 in Paris, with the opening to a new worldwide permanent platform for sharing transformative projects.You will fill up with inspiration.

The Forum gives you a unique opportunity for sharing experiences coming from the world over – experiences from companies of all sizes, from all horizons, from institutions and associations, schools and universities…

You will enrich and strengthen your own projects for transformation. The Forum, it is three days of interactions and innovations to bring stakes and approaches face to face, feed up your change projects or make it emerge and dare metamorphosis!

Join this unique platform today by registering to the SOL Global Forum in Paris May 2014!

Opening of this learning journey with Peter Senge and Arie de Geus,
co-founders of SOL.


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